Is It Normal For My Breasts To Hurt While Breastfeeding?

As we all know, breastfeeding is good for our babies. It has many advantages for the baby, since breast milk is full of nutrients that cannot otherwise be found in formula milk. However, what most people do not know is that breastfeeding can be a little uncomfortable. Some may experience pain while breastfeeding, wondering whether it is normal or already an alarming indication of something gone awry. Hence, here are some of the things that might make breastfeeding uncomfortable, but totally normal:

  • Sore nipples. It is normal for women to have sore nipples while breastfeeding. Remember that your babies suck your nipples while you feed them with breast milk. Naturally, this can feel uncomfortable during the first few times that you feed your baby since you are still getting used to it. However, after some days, it would not hurt as much. Some people say that breastfeeding only hurts if your baby did not latch on properly or you have poor positioning. However, most mothers say that this is a myth since breastfeeding hurts all the same, whether or not the technique is executed well. Nevertheless, you should take note that the pain should not be too extreme that it will make you dread breastfeeding your baby. If such pain is experienced, you should consult your doctor as this might be indicative of yeast infection.
  • Full breasts. Whenever your breasts are full of milk, it will undoubtedly feel heavy and a little painful. Hence, you have to prevent breast engorgement by feeding your baby even if you have to wake him up. Schedule a constant time that you will feed your baby, like every four to six hours. At first, your baby might cry a lot, but he will eventually get used to the routine. You can also tenderly massage your breasts or manually express them for later use.
  • Milk leakage. When your breasts are full and you cannot express it immediately, there may be instances when your nipples might leak milk. This can happen during the most inconvenient times and inopportune places. While you can breastfeed your baby in public, there are still some cultures who do not accept this public display, hence becoming a source of embarrassment. To solve this, do not forget to cover yourself during breastfeeding.

In spite of all the aforementioned things, the advantages of breastfeeding weigh more than its discomforts. One solution to all these discomforts is to make use of a breast pump like Medela in order to still feed breast milk to your baby without having to go through all the discomforts. Your baby will no longer have problems with latching on since he will just drink milk from the feeding bottle, hence sparing you from sore nipples and the risk of getting cracked nipples. Whenever your breasts are full and your baby is asleep, you can use a breast pump to empty your breasts of milk and prevent them from engorging. Milk leakage can also be prevented since you do not have to go out with full breasts anymore as you can express breast milk using a breast pump. Using a breast pump is also less time-consuming compared to breastfeeding.

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