Gestational Diabetes Food Journal

Monitoring What You Eat with a Gestational Diabetes Food Journal

Gestational Diabetes Food JournalWhen you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, one of the things that your doctor will tell you is to watch what you eat. Gone are the days in which you just eat whatever you want without paying attention to the amount of calories and sugar that you take in. In order to monitor what you eat, your doctor might ask you to keep a gestational diabetes food journal. This food journal will be your key in making sure that you comply with your diet and prevent the complications associated with gestational diabetes.

Benefits of Keeping a Gestational Diabetes Food Journal

Also known as a gestational diabetes tracking, your gestational diabetes food journal will help you keep track of the foods that you eat to make sure that you are taking the right amount of calories as prescribed to you by your dietitian. Your food journal will help you maintain your blood glucose levels within normal range and help you prevent complications that might arise from gestational diabetes. In addition, it can become a way of increasing self-awareness, allowing you to examine your life through your eating habits. You can use your gestational diabetes food journal not just during the duration of your pregnancy, but also throughout the rest of your life.

Making Your Own Gestational Diabetes Food Journal

You can make your own gestational diabetes food journal just by using a journal that you buy from your local office or school supply store. While a blank notebook might work for some people, this does not work for everyone. Some people would like to have a ruled notebook for their gestational diabetes food journal. The important thing is that your notebook should be large enough you have room to record all that you need to and that you can carry your gestational diabetes food journals wherever you go. That way, you do not miss recording every single food that you eat.

Make sure that you take down notes not just of what you eat but also your emotions in eating. Your emotions in eating need to be jotted down since feeling unsatisfied with what you eat can affect your eating habits. There is such a thing as emotional eaters, so knowing what causes your eating habits will help in planning your gestational diabetes diet.

Your gestational diabetes food journal can also help you in spotting trends in your blood glucose levels, hunger, and satiety levels. Reviewing and looking at the bigger picture in your gestational diabetes food journal is important so that you can take proper action in case there are things that show that you are not complying with your dietary plan.

However, the most important thing in using your own gestational diabetes food journal is that you are honest in what you are writing. Your food journal will be totally pointless if you are not truthful in writing down the foods that you eat. If you lie to your food journal, you are simply lying to yourself.

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