Gestational Diabetes Journals

Gestational Diabetes Journals For Tracking Pregnancy Milestones and Blood Sugars

After months of research I realized that there are no good resources for gestational diabetes journals for tracking of the milestones and blood sugars that you must track every day during a gestational diabetic pregnancy.  I talk to moms all the time during my marketing of my meal planning book for gestational diabetes meal plans and I find that many women start eating and never track the foods they eat and never have a plan.  I created the recipe book and meal planners and now I am getting right to the gestational diabetes journals.  I want to be your number one resource for gestational diabetes information and to make your pregnancy easier and healthier.

Gestational Diabetes Journals-Contents

gestational diabetes journalsAs I talked to expectant mothers, I found that tracking items needed were: Based on gestation by Week-Blood glucose/sugar, Calorie Intakes, Weight, Feelings and Baby Movement.  Each of these will be important tracking statistics for you to monitor and discuss with your OB/GYN or midwife.  Each of these is important in gestational diabetes journals as each has stat has it’s own place for discuss and monitoring.  Managing gestational diabetes is all about monitoring and control of blood sugar and weight gain.  I want to provide a gestational diabetes journal that will allow you to track and monitor all the statistics that are important to a healthy pregnancy.  I have also included a section for documentation of exercise and medications.  These two items continued to come up in research and surveys as items doctors wanted to know about and were found to be very important to over all treatment plans and management of gestational diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes Journals-What Importance Do They Play?

Gestational diabetes journals play an important role in emotional and physical management of gestational diabetes.  Each of you is trying to deal with the news and emotional feelings that come along with this diagnosis.  Some of you soon will be dealing with the physical part of gestational diabetes with diet and exercise that comes with your management plan.  If you use the journal I have created your stress level will be controlled by having a resource to use on a daily basis and it will make you feel like you are tracking for a purpose, and YOU ARE!  You are tracking, monitoring and managing your gestational diabetes for your baby and for your health!  It is important to your health and your babies health that you take this condition seriously and track and use this journal with conviction.  You will feel better about the day to day pregnancy and your doctor will appreciate your conviction to your health.

To Your Healthy Pregnancy! Mathea Ford RD/LD  Gestational Diabetes Sufferer!  Created for you by someone who has been in your shoes!

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