Gestational Diabetes Diet Menu For Safe Pregnancy

gestational diabetes diet menuGestational Diabetes Diet Menu

The gestational diabetes diet menu is an essential planning tool in order to ensure that women suffering from gestational diabetes can meet their protein and calorie needs. When the glucose level of a pregnant woman is disturbed, the condition is known as gestational diabetes. In most cases, gestational diabetes is a temporary phase that fades away once the baby is born. However, pregnant women who have suffered from gestational diabetes are at an increased risk of developing type-2 diabetes later in their lives.

By using the gestational diabetes diet menu, you eat the right amount and type of food in order manage the elevated glucose level and ensure that you have a healthy baby.

General guidelines for gestational diabetes diet menu

Take five small meals every day without skipping any meal.
Reduce carbohydrate intake in the morning.
Ensure consistency in the quantity of carbohydrates in each meal.
Increase your consumption of fiber rich foods.
Take at least one serving of vitamin C rich food, four servings of dairy milk products, and three servings of iron rich food.
Drink at least One and a half liters of water every day.
Restrict intake of foods and juices that are rich in simple sugars such as colas, sodas and fruit juices.

The main goal behind the diet plan is to provide the fetus and the mother the consistent and constant energy without elevating the blood sugar level.

Gestational diabetes diet menu sample

One hard-boiled egg
One slice of whole wheat bread
One teaspoon full of fat-free margarine
One-third pound of grapes or one cup of 100% pineapple or orange natural juice
One and a half cups of skimmed milk (Fat free) or low calorie yoghurt

This is meant to boost the glucose levels in the body since it is normally low in the morning.

Mid morning snack
One slice of whole wheat bread
Three teaspoon full diet jam
Three teaspoon full peanut butter
One cup of skimmed milk (fat free) or one cup cottage cheese


Sample 1

One slice of whole-wheat pita bread
One cup of soup (beans)
Half cup of cooked black beans
Half cup of chopped tomatoes
Two cups of low fat cheese or cheddar cheese

Sample 2

Garden vegetable salad
20 raw almonds
0ne serving grain crackers
One cup of baby carrots
Three tablespoon salsa
Half tablespoon olive oil

Mid afternoon snack
One apple
Three teaspoon full peanut butter
Whole grain bagel
One and a half cups of skimmed milk (fat free)

Three ounce chicken breast or six ounces of fish
Half a cup pineapple
Three teaspoon full sesame seeds
Three teaspoon full sesame oil
Two teaspoon full soy sauce
Half a cup of green beans
Half cup of cooked rice
Half cup of strawberries

Evening snack

Sample 1

Five cups of plain air-popped popcorn (no additives) and whole grain muffins
One cup of low calorie yoghurt

Sample 2

An apple and a few peanut crackers
One cup of skimmed milk

Frequent meals in small portions are very effective in stabilizing blood sugar and general glucose control as compared to one large meal. Therefore, it is vital to design the gestational diabetes diet menu while following these general guidelines in order to meet the caloric requirements of pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

Your next step is to find a complete gestational diabetes diet menu and follow the plan.

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